How to use Adt Security’s new ad blocker to get rid of malware

A few weeks back, Adt security launched an ad blocker called AdtSecurity, which was designed to combat malicious ads.The company said it was an important step to curb the spread of malware, and that users could get rid from unwanted ads by blocking them.However, as of today, Adts newest ad blocker is no longer available […]

How to install a swann VPN using NIST’s card code

Posted February 24, 2019 06:27:38 A few months ago, we wrote about how the US government is using a swan card security code to access your online account and get your credit card numbers. Now, NIST has released a set of instructions for anyone who wants to install the swann system that is a card reader […]

How to avoid government shutdowns: The best way to get out of it

It’s an odd situation.While President Donald Trump is still insisting that he won’t sign the bill, Congress is refusing to act, refusing to even hold hearings on it.But the fact that this is happening at all means that Congress isn’t going to get the bill passed.“The House is in session and is not moving.We’re not […]

What’s the latest on the Jefferson County security bank investigation

Jefferson County Sheriff Eric Hickman said Friday the security bank has been reopened and that it is still open for depositing money.The bank is the primary source of money for Jefferson County as part of the state’s emergency management and emergency operations funds, and Hickman would not provide details about the purpose of the bank.Hickman […]

DHS job cuts will hit job growth, employers, health care

U.S. employers are set to take a hit from the Trump administration’s budget cuts, with jobs at the nation’s largest employer likely to shrink and employers at the country’s largest health care provider expected to experience a drop in enrollment.Hospitals and nursing homes are among the industries that are likely to lose jobs.The White House […]

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