It’s hard to know exactly how many credit cards are being used to steal from people, but a study released this week by Credit Karma suggests that as many as 50% of credit card fraudsters are targeting people who don’t use their cards at all.

The study analyzed credit card data from over 30 million users, and found that about 40% of fraudsters were targeting people with no credit history, while 15% were targeting those with a credit history.

It’s worth noting that the vast majority of frauds are committed by using stolen credit cards to make purchases that never occurred.

But the findings do suggest that there is a risk of being scammed on a card that’s not actually stolen. 

The study also found that fraudsters have a much higher chance of being able to successfully steal from those who have a credit or debit card on file.

For example, a cardholder with a valid credit card might be able to withdraw money with the stolen card, but the stolen credit card could be used to buy a new car.

But this is not the case with those with no cards on file, the study found. 

“The risk of fraud with cardholders without a card is approximately 30 percent, but if the cardholder does have a card, it is unlikely that the fraud will succeed,” Credit Karma told Business Insider.

“But the card holder is more likely to be able use the card for legitimate purchases.”

While the study doesn’t provide a specific number of people who are at risk of getting scammed, it does provide a picture of how often people are targeted, and it’s possible that some of these accounts are not necessarily fraudulent. 

So what’s the problem with this? 

It’s pretty easy to understand why credit card companies are taking the time to educate consumers. 

There are a number of ways in which fraudsters can get their hands on stolen cards, and Credit Karma says that it is an expensive and time-consuming process to remove those cards. 

In addition, some of the cards that are used to make fraudulent purchases can be tied to a single person or a single business. 

For example: A card used to withdraw cash could be linked to a business that’s owned by a single individual, and there could be other connections that the business has. 

If a card with an incorrect expiration date was used to purchase a new, unused car, there could also be connections to an individual or business that has an expiration date that’s different from the expiration date of the card itself. 

This all adds up to a risk that can be significant for victims. 

Credit Karma says it will start to investigate the numbers of fraudulent accounts it has flagged this year, and the company is looking into how to increase the level of customer protection it provides. 

It has also added new features to the site to increase customer security. 

According to Credit Karma, it will soon offer additional protection features that allow customers to opt out of automatic payment verification and to change the payment terms for existing cardholders.

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