It’s an odd situation.

While President Donald Trump is still insisting that he won’t sign the bill, Congress is refusing to act, refusing to even hold hearings on it.

But the fact that this is happening at all means that Congress isn’t going to get the bill passed.

“The House is in session and is not moving.

We’re not going to move unless there is an emergency,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters.

If Congress doesn’t act, the president could have his entire legislative agenda thrown into chaos.

“If there’s no bill to pass, the entire agenda of the presidency of the United States will be thrown into disarray,” Trump tweeted Monday.

Congress is a small, self-contained part of the federal government that serves a very specific function.

It’s made up of 50 of the 50 members of the House and Senate, and their votes are crucial to passing legislation.

But they’re not there to just pass bills.

“They’re there to provide oversight and pass bills,” said James Martin, an attorney and former legislative assistant for House Speaker Paul Ryan.

“It’s not just a bill, it’s a check and balance system, and they’re supposed to be there to ensure that checks and balances work in the House.”

It’s a function that has become more important as the government has been shut down by a series of events: a failed attempt by the Senate to defund Planned Parenthood, a vote by the House to impeach Trump, and the resignation of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a member of Trump’s own party.

It also plays a critical role in helping keep the federal workforce functioning, because lawmakers are required to act when there are threats to the public health or safety.

But when it comes to passing a bill to pay for things like the wall and other border security measures, the legislative branch has no power to make policy.

“When the president makes a decision that we can’t act on because we’re not allowed to,” Martin said.

“We can’t pass a bill.”

Congress can, however, stop Trump from enacting legislation.

The problem is that the president doesn’t have any powers to do that.

If the government were shut down, there would be no way for Congress to get anything passed.

And that’s because Congress doesn.

“There is a provision in the Constitution that Congress has a power to pass a law, and that’s called an emergency declaration,” Martin explained.

When a government shutdown occurs, Congress has two main options. “

There are two separate provisions in the constitution, one of which is called the ‘power of the purse,’ which is something that basically is what gives Congress the ability to act as a check on the president, to stop the government from shutting down.”

When a government shutdown occurs, Congress has two main options.

It can either use its emergency powers to shut down the entire government, or it can use its budget power to shut it down and set a fixed time frame for the government to reopen.

If lawmakers use their emergency powers, they must first find a way to keep the government running.

If they don’t find a solution, the government shuts down.

But if Congress doesn to shut the government down, then the government will remain shut down until Congress passes a bill that includes funding for the wall, and then the administration can go back to work.

“Congress has no legal power to block the president from putting together a bill.

It doesn’t matter how good a piece of legislation it is, they’re still trying to make it happen,” Martin pointed out.

“You can’t block the President from getting a bill passed, because you can’t stop him from getting his bills passed.

They can’t.”

While Congress has no powers to stop Trump, there are a number of ways that lawmakers can prevent the president and his team from getting the bill through.

“Sometimes, you can get a bill through the House, and if they have a filibuster, they can hold the vote.

And the other thing is, if they get a budget resolution, that means they can override any budget that the Senate passes,” Martin continued.

“So if the Senate wants to pass that budget, they have the ability.

The only way they can’t do that is if they don.

“In the past, if the President wanted to veto a budget, he would have to go back and talk to Congress first.” “

Once a budget is passed, the next thing that they do is they get their budget passed by the Congress, which is not something that they’ve done in the past,” Martin added.

“In the past, if the President wanted to veto a budget, he would have to go back and talk to Congress first.”

And there are certain limits to what Congress can do, which can limit how much the administration has to do to get something through.

The federal government is supposed to operate under the law called the Congressional Budget Act, or CBO.

Under that law, Congress

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