A new cybersecurity study by a startup called BlinkHome Security says that when you’re working from home, your computer can easily be compromised by hackers, even if you’ve taken a few steps to secure it.

BlinkHome was founded by a former cybersecurity consultant who says he’s now the only person in the world with access to the private keys used by thousands of companies to safeguard their information.

BlinkSec has been able to find security breaches of more than 10,000 companies and organizations that were exposed by the researchers.

While most of these breaches were related to breaches of personal or corporate networks, BlinkSec says its research shows the biggest risk is from hackers who can access private keys.

Here are the top 5 ways you can reduce your risk of being hacked.


Set up a password manager or password manager app on your phone or computer.

You don’t need to have a secure VPN app to set up a secure connection.

Most smartphone apps are password managers, and the apps will work just as well for secure connections when they’re installed on your device as they do when they are on your computer.

Some of the apps, like Twilio and Signal, even work from your phone.

A simple password manager can be installed on the phone and automatically updated to protect you.

Some apps, such as Wickr and iLock, also allow you to sync your data with an app on the cloud.

For security reasons, you should never connect to a VPN directly from your computer, though many VPN providers offer the option.

The more secure your connection is, the less likely you are to be hacked.


Install a VPN on your laptop.

Many people find it useful to have their computers connected to a public network.

For this reason, many companies provide VPNs for laptops and desktops.

A VPN is an encrypted connection between your computer and a secure network.

If you don’t have a VPN, you can install one from a computer’s internet browser or from a software like Norton or AdBlocker.


Download the free Chrome extension that allows you to monitor your web traffic.

You can install Chrome’s Privacy Badger extension to check your web activity for malware, spyware, and phishing.

Chrome’s extension will monitor your browsing and send you alerts when you see suspicious pages or links.

It will also send you information about websites that might be tracking your activities, such a your search history.


Use a VPN for your home computer.

Most VPN providers have their own apps, so you can download them on your home or work computer and configure your connection to your chosen provider.

Some companies also offer apps for the iPhone and Android, so the options for secure VPN are endless.


Make sure your security software is updated.

Most security software comes with a free update that updates its software to protect against common threats, such virus attacks, ransomware, and man-in-the-middle attacks.

These updates also prevent a hacker from compromising your computer without your knowledge.

If your security suite is outdated, you might be more at risk of getting hacked.

A new study by cybersecurity firm Trend Micro found that attackers can compromise more than 100,000 accounts per day using a simple phishing attack.

The researchers found that the most common threat was malware.

The malware they identified is designed to take over your computer’s hard drive or take over the browser.

It’s also known as a spear phishing, meaning that the attacker sends you an email promising a free copy of a security software.

If the hacker can get you to open the email and click on the link, the malware can be downloaded.

Thats when the attacker has complete control over your data.

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