Cyber security is a field of study and career.

There are thousands of people with cybersecurity degrees and hundreds of thousands of graduates.

But a lot of people are still out of the business of cybersecurity. 

Many people don’t understand cybersecurity, but they have a lot more skills than they think they do, says Norman Eisen, a former White House chief of staff and White House cybersecurity coordinator.

Eisen has been speaking about cybersecurity since 2015 and is currently a senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, where he serves as the co-director of the Cybersecurity Innovation Group.

He’s also a professor of cyber policy at Georgetown University and a director of the Center on Cybersecurity and Privacy at Georgetown Law.

He says many cybersecurity graduates who are thinking of getting into the field need to understand the job requirements and requirements of the industry, the cybersecurity community, and the challenges that they might face in doing it.

So, he’s focused on getting the cybersecurity industry in front of young people, and it’s not just the job-hunters that need to know about cybersecurity.

Eisen is also working with a young cybersecurity graduate, and he’s hoping that they can help other cybersecurity graduates.

Eisen’s group is working to educate young people about cybersecurity, especially the basics, he says.

“I’ve been talking to them about, How can I get a job at a cybersecurity company?

How can we get jobs?

So, I’m hoping they can be part of this and help us better understand what cybersecurity is all about,” Eisen says. 

One of Eisen’s mentors, a recent graduate from Princeton University who goes by the online handle Nexus, is currently working on a cybersecurity career guide for young people.

He said that it is difficult to find cybersecurity graduates, because it is hard to find a job with a cybersecurity job in the first place. 

“I’ve found a lot about what cybersecurity professionals look for, what they are looking for, and how to get them,” he said. 

Novella’s research also includes an online job board for cybersecurity professionals, which he says is one of the most helpful resources for students. 

It is difficult, he said, to get the education that you need to get into a career in cybersecurity.

“A lot of them don’t have a clue what they’re looking for,” he says, “and that’s what we are trying to correct.

We are trying not to be preachy and to give them a lot to think about.” 

“They need to be taught what cybersecurity means and what it does,” Novella says.

He is also helping to educate people about the cybersecurity workforce, particularly for those new to the field. 

For one young man, the work of the cybersecurity career path was hard to grasp. 

He was a senior software engineer at a large technology company.

He was on the team that developed the popular security software that was used to manage critical networks and to protect critical business data.

“He had a good career.

He had a great job,” said Sue Johnson, who started as a software engineer with the company, but is now a software consultant. 

After his company went out of business, he applied for a job as a cybersecurity engineer with a big, national company, and then a second company, Honeywell, hired him. 

When he started, Johnson said, “I was nervous, because I didn’t know what I was doing.

I was thinking, Oh, my gosh, I want to do this, I just need to learn everything, but I had no idea what I needed to learn.” 

Now, Johnson says she feels more comfortable. 

Johnson was a software engineering student at Princeton and was on Honeywell’s software development team when she met the man who became her husband, who is now an employee of Honeywell.

Johnson says that the relationship started from the beginning, but that they are now married, and Johnson still has a job there. 

The relationship became stronger after she heard about the new cybersecurity career opportunities offered by the National Cybersecurity College and the Cyber Institute at the University of New Hampshire. 

Both programs are offering cybersecurity education to undergraduate and graduate students, and are providing training to professionals. 

Hovering above the field of cybersecurity, the role of cybersecurity professionals in the workforce has never been stronger, Johnson said.

She says she thinks this will continue to grow as more young people start to get their degrees and to have jobs that involve cybersecurity.

She’s hopeful that cybersecurity will be an important career for young Americans in the years to come.

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