CBS News asked this question to more than 2,000 students, faculty, and staff at 21 accredited universities and colleges.

Among the findings: The cybersecurity degree is not a substitute for a cybersecurity certificate or diploma, and it is not required to obtain a job.

Cyber security is a skill.

You should not have to get a cybersecurity certification to have a job, even if you’re a senior or have an engineering degree.

You also should not need to be a cybersecurity professional to perform the functions of a cybersecurity officer.

The degree provides the skills necessary to perform cybersecurity functions, and the degree does not require that you have a particular career or technical skill.

It is a combination of cybersecurity skills and skills learned in other disciplines, including computer science, math, engineering, or social sciences.

And the degree can be taught at the university level or at an accredited post-secondary institution.

The certificate and diploma are good for at least three years, but can be extended to a maximum of five years.

If you want to pursue a cybersecurity career, the cybersecurity degree should be the next step.

It will help you get the skills you need to do the job.

A Cybersecurity Officer is a career path that helps you to better protect information and data, and to keep the world safe.

It includes the knowledge and skills you’ll need to carry out your job.

Learn more about the cybersecurity career path.

The following questions are asked to help students decide which path to take to get their cybersecurity degree: 1.

Which of these options are best for you?

Which is the best path to a cybersecurity job?

What are the pros and cons of each path?

How would you describe your current career and why?


Which path is most beneficial to you?

Do you have specific skills you want your employer to find useful?


Do you want a career in cybersecurity, or are you interested in a career that includes cybersecurity?

What is the difference between cybersecurity and a cybersecurity-related job?


Which is best for your age?

Do your parents work for the government, or do they work for their company?


Do your friends and family know about cybersecurity, and do you have friends and relatives who do?

Do they share their information with companies or organizations?


What are some of the benefits of being a cybersecurity executive?

What skills do you need as a cybersecurity manager to help companies protect data and data assets?


Which cybersecurity professional does your school have and why are they good?

Which cyber security professionals can you recommend?


Which are the skills that would be helpful in a cybersecurity role?

Which skills would be best for someone with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in cybersecurity?


How would a cybersecurity cybersecurity executive be different from a cybersecurity technician?

How is a cybersecurity tech different from an IT technician?


How many cybersecurity jobs have you worked?

How many times have you had to learn cybersecurity skills?

What were the skills required for each job?

How did the skills change over time?


What is a typical career path in cybersecurity for a person with a cybersecurity bachelor’s degree?


How much time do you spend learning cybersecurity?

How much do you learn per week?

How often do you do cybersecurity training?


Do cyber security executives have to have previous cybersecurity experience?

If so, how long have they been in cybersecurity positions?


Do they have to be in a position to protect and secure data?

What types of data do they protect and how?


Are cybersecurity executives paid well?

Do cybersecurity executives make more money than a cybersecurity employee?

Do cyber officers get promotions?


What types and levels of cybersecurity certifications do cyber security officers need?


Which schools offer cybersecurity training and how much does it cost?


Do cybersecurity executive jobs require security clearance?

What happens if a cybersecurity security officer is not able to gain security clearance when he or she applies to work?


Are cyber security executive positions part of the job description?


Do the skills acquired in a cyber cybersecurity career require skills or experience in a different field?


Do these types of positions require a degree or are they open to anyone?


Which career paths are best suited for the person who wants to enter the cybersecurity field?

What kind of training do you recommend to prepare a cybersecurity official for this career?

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