Home security fencing is a great way to keep intruders out, but that’s only half the story.

When thieves do break in, they often get a free pass through the fence, according to a recent study by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The Department of Justice has found that thieves who break into homes through the front door have the potential to steal a safe and jewelry worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That means the fence that’s being installed on thousands of U.C.L.A. homes in the San Fernando Valley is helping deter intruders.

The fencing is being installed at some 300 properties in the Los Angeles area, including many in residential neighborhoods.

The study found that home security fences can help deter thieves by providing additional barriers to break through.

The more fencing in a home, the less chance thieves have to get through.

It also helps prevent theft by preventing thieves from gaining entry to a home through a back door or a locked window.

The first step to fencing is installing the appropriate fence material, such as plastic or wood, with a minimum of two feet of the fence material on each side of the home, according the U-T San Diego.

The next step is to install the fence to its desired height.

The final step is adding a small padlock on the fence.

Then it’s time to install a doorbell or security system to keep burglars from entering the home.

The system can detect intruders from several directions, including infrared cameras and motion sensors.

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