In the latest edition of IGN’s Security & Privacy article, we look at what security companies are saying about the new security standards.


Vulnerabilities, vulnerabilities, vulnerabilities!

Vulnerabilities that you should always be paying attention to are: Vulnerabilties of the firmware, like the one with the vulnerability CVE-2018-0229.


The first time you get a system crash or a software issue that’s not fixed within a couple of hours.


A common vulnerability in a device that has a bad connection to a router, or a bad Ethernet connection to the router.


Not a bug that affects the device, but a bug in a driver or in a system firmware.


An issue that could potentially be exploited by attackers.


You don’t need to install the correct firmware version, or you don’t know the right firmware version to fix.


Vulnerability in the underlying software that’s supposed to run on your system.


There are some hardware bugs that could be exploited for remote code execution.


Most devices are vulnerable to a number of different attacks, and the most common are those that target specific protocols.


Some hardware devices are more vulnerable to these kinds of attacks than others.


Software vulnerabilities.


Your device is still running the latest version of the software on it.


More than likely, the vulnerability is in your device driver.


It’s not necessarily a software bug, but it’s not uncommon to have a driver issue.


If you’re a manufacturer, you may have a bug with your firmware.

That means that your firmware has a vulnerability that can be exploited, whether you’re using it for an attack or for a security audit.


As a consumer, it’s important to always update the firmware.

It’s usually the most important thing to do.


Even though your device has been patched for the problem, it may still have some bugs.


For some people, it might be difficult to tell whether they have a problem because they have the same issue in different devices.


When you upgrade to the latest firmware, it won’t fix the problem.


Unless the vulnerability that you’re seeing is exploitable by a certain exploit, you won’t be able to use your device as a security tool.


Security exploits can be quite lucrative, especially if you’re looking for one.


Don’t upgrade if your device is broken.

It might still have the issue, and you should be aware of it.


Make sure you use the right hardware device for your task.


Sometimes it’s possible to fix the issue with the wrong hardware.

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