Secure the bag?

You’re out of luck.

Bitdefence Total Security is now offering security gate upgrades for its Secure the Bag program.

Bitdefence’s Secure the Box is a secure box that can be purchased for $29.99 in the U.S. and $39.99 worldwide.

The program is also available in Canada.

The security gate upgrade is for the Secure the box that Bitdefend says comes with an additional hardware chip that protects the laptop from a variety of external threats.

BitDefender says the hardware chip, which can be used to detect malware, malware-infected websites, ransomware, phishing sites and a wide variety of other threats, can be installed and activated at a time.

To activate the hardware, a user needs to download the software from the Bitdefending website and install it on the laptop.

If a user doesn’t have the software installed, BitDefence recommends an external disk or USB drive as a backup of the Secure The Box.

When you buy the Secure Box, you also get a security chip that can only be activated on a computer running Windows 8.1 or higher.

You will need to download and install a program called the Security Gate, Bitdeference says.

The upgrade will not activate if you have a computer that is infected with malware, or if the Secure box is not plugged into a power source, according to the BitDefenders website.

BitDefender has been one of the most prominent antivirus and anti-spyware companies in recent years.

Bitmain, the Chinese company behind some of the world’s most popular security products, is also a Bitdefiance shareholder.

Bitmain has been criticized for having lax security protocols.

BitMain has also been accused of being behind some anti-piracy measures.

Last month, Bitmain faced scrutiny when the FBI asked it to reveal information on the company’s anti-virus products and procedures.

The company said it would continue to work with the FBI.

In a statement to Reuters, Bitdefense said it had no plans to change its security policy.

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