Workers in a remote Ontario village are using social security forms to make claims for unemployment benefits that can easily be processed.

The Canadian Social Security Administration says that, while there are “limited” records available of the claims workers make, it’s unlikely that the agency will be able to process any of the tens of thousands of claims made each year.

The agency has said it will continue to monitor claims filed through the new online tool.

Workers from a remote community called Hilltop Securities have been working on the Hilltop Social Security Forms website since April, according to a release from the social security agency.

They’re also applying for a job, said Karen Schoenfeld, a spokesperson for the agency.

Employers can send a claim form to the agency with an electronic signature and the form will be processed in about four to five business days.

“It’s a very low rate of processing,” Schoenfield said.

“They can get it done quickly.

It’s a fairly low number.”

Schoenfeld said that if workers apply for jobs through the online system, it would take them less than five days to process the claim.

The Hilltop forms website is available on Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other platforms.

The online system has not yet been installed in a Hilltop office, which uses a remote office that has been on the market for about three years.

Schoenfield told CBC News that there are some technical challenges with the Hillside forms website.

The social security numbers that are used to process claims are different from the numbers used in the RCMP or the provincial government’s Integrated Crimestoppers Task Force.

Schoeffert said the online service was designed to be easy for people to use.

She said the agency has had issues with people filling out forms.

“We had a couple of workers who were trying to fill out forms with our system and they didn’t have the information.

And we were able to do that, but it took us a little bit longer than it would have taken someone to fill in a form.”

She said workers who can’t access their online accounts can still fill out their own forms by calling the agency at 416-527-7171.

Schofield said she understands the need for workers to take advantage of the new service.

“If they have any questions, we’re happy to answer them and we’ll try to assist you.

It is a little frustrating,” she said.

Schonfeld said she’s had two workers come in to the office and say that they didn´t understand the process or what they had to do.

She explained that the online form system is designed to help workers make claims faster and easier, but workers are not required to fill it out.

“The system is still working,” Schoeffet said.

“We have a couple workers that are still trying to work through it.

We are working to make it more streamlined.”

The Hillside form website also includes a “how to” section, which can be a little tricky for some workers, Schoenfenfeld said.

She also said that the website is not designed to provide assistance to people who can´t access their own accounts or who don’t have a social media presence.

She noted that the Hillhouse site is a “one-stop shop” for workers.

“There are some different processes that are available,” she added.

“You don’t want to have to be on a social network.”

Schow said that while some workers have been able to complete the forms, some are having difficulty.

“Some people don’t know what to do with it.

They’re not really sure how to do it.

And I think there are a lot of people who have been impacted by it,” she told CBC.

She added that she doesn’t believe that the information on the site is as comprehensive as it could be.

Schow told CBC that she and other workers are working with the federal government to make sure that the software works as intended.

She hopes that the site can help workers find work, which would be good news for Hilltop, Schoefert said.

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