Google is set to start phishing campaigns in a number of regions, including Australia, which is the first country in the world to take a firm stand against the cyber crime group.

The latest batch of phishing alerts from Google include one targeting Australians, and the company has also flagged Australia as a potential target.

It’s a move that Google has been pushing to introduce in Australia since it began to implement a new security policy, introduced by Google CEO Sundar Pichai, in October.

This is the fourth time the company is deploying phishing attacks in Australia, and it comes after it was hit with a phishing attack in July that infected up to 100,000 computers.

In a statement issued today, Google said it had “reassured our Australian customers that they will not be targeted by phishing attempts in the coming days”.

“We also reminded them that phishing is an easy way to bypass security updates, and that the company’s security team is actively monitoring this type of activity and working to mitigate it,” it said.

“Our customers are confident that we are constantly monitoring and protecting their data.”

Google Australia said the alerts targeted users who were in a range of industries, including the construction, pharmaceutical, hospitality, financial services and IT sectors.

Google said in a statement that it had deployed “multiple measures” in Australia to detect and block the phishing campaign.

“These measures include: identifying and blocking the malicious URLs that appear in the alert, and blocking any suspicious URLs that may appear,” the company said.

“We have also deployed additional measures to block these URLs, including phishing and phishing-style attachments.”

The Google Australia spokeswoman said the company was notifying affected users about the alerts and would provide further information in the future.

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