With the release of new technology, many consumers have become more secure with their home security cameras.

However, it is the security cameras that are the most secure.

The biggest companies have built the most robust security cameras and offer the best prices.

Here are the top 5 security cameras on sale today.


Pulse Secure – US$2,200.

Pulse Secure is a camera with built-in Wi-Fi, an infrared sensor and an automatic shutter release system that can lock down a room.

It comes with two modes: Self-destruct mode and remote-control mode.

When the device is turned off, it automatically deactivates the camera and does not release the shutter.


The Nest Cam – US $1,499.

Nest Cam is a smart home security camera with a large sensor that can detect objects on its own and then activate an alarm when a potential threat emerges.

Its wireless and infrared sensors can be used to detect the presence of a child, pet or animal, and also detect movement.

The device is available in three modes: “Always on”, “On”, “In the dark” and “Off”.


Samsung SmartThings Hub – US.$2,000.

The Samsung Smart Things Hub is a wireless security camera that detects motion and can activate a motion detector when it senses the presence or absence of someone or something.

Its infrared sensor can be turned on and off, or even switched off.


ZTE Secure – EU$1,899.

The ZTE Security Camera is a security camera for smart home devices.

Its built-ins support Bluetooth, Wi-FI and a motion sensor, and it features a built-inductive LED light that detects movement in the dark and a fingerprint sensor that detects fingerprints.


GoPro – US$.1,399.

GoPro is a self-contained security camera capable of recording 1080p video, recording audio and capturing images in 1080p HD resolution.

The camera is waterproof and comes with three different recording modes: continuous video recording, live view and a 3-axis stabilization system.

GoPro’s security camera is also available in two different recording resolutions: 1080p/24p and 720p/30p.


Home Security Camera – US$,1,000+ The Home Security Cam is designed to be a single device that can be placed anywhere in a home or apartment.

It has a built in infrared sensor, a built out sensor and a remote shutter release.

It’s also available with two different modes: Continuous video recording and Live view.


Google Home – US€1,599.

The Google Home Security Video is a home security system that provides security alerts, alarms and video recording.

The system is waterproof, comes with a 4K resolution and supports Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Talk.


Samsung TV – US£1,299.

The TV Security Cam has a 4k resolution, Bluetooth and Wi.

Fi, which allows it to be used as a remote control for any of the major home security systems.


Nest – US.99 The Nest Security Camera provides security in an area of the house, such as a garage, that is not easily accessed from the outside.

It is an indoor camera that has a 360-degree video camera that is used to record and analyze video.


The Apple HomePod – US US$1.99+ The Apple TV Security Camera can be controlled remotely by an Apple TV.

The remote-controlled unit is waterproof so it can be mounted to a wall or ceiling.

It features a motion detection sensor that automatically locks down the camera when it detects motion.


Google Voice Search – US £1,199.

Google Assistant is a voice-controlled assistant that is integrated into Google Home.

It provides a variety of services including location, search, photos and videos.

It can also control smart home automation devices such as thermostats, lights and lights bulbs.


HomePod 2 – USUS$1/£1.49+ The new HomePod is the latest version of the original HomePod.

It offers improved connectivity with Apple HomeKit.

It also has a new “Google Assistant” built in, which can answer questions.


Samsung HomePod 3 – US-US$8.99-10.99/£8.49/AU$9.99The new Homepod 3 is Samsung’s first device to offer the latest features.

It supports Google Assistant and can be programmed to automatically change to a specific screen and voice commands.


Google Nest Protect – US/$1,449.

The latest version for the Google Nest, Nest Protect is a Nest Protect security camera.

It combines advanced technology with advanced safety features, including infrared sensors that detect motion, motion-detecting cameras that can record up to 720p video and a new sensor with Wi-GoWi-Fi and Bluetooth Low-Energy capabilities. 15

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