What the swann Security Scorecard says the United States security landscape is far from secure.

That’s according to a report from security consulting firm Swann.

The report is based on data from Swann’s annual Secure Life Survey.

In 2016, Swann found that the US had the world’s highest level of personal security threats, including a cyberattack on a nuclear power plant, a mass shooting at an elementary school and the shooting at a Texas church.

But that number dipped slightly in 2017.

The number of attacks on US infrastructure rose from 7,749 in 2016 to 12,935 in 2017, while the number of assaults on US critical infrastructure rose by nearly 100 percent, from 1,897 in 2016, to 5,838 in 2017 — a jump of more than 1,000.

For many, Swans report is just a snapshot of what’s happening on the ground, and the United Kingdom is no exception.

On Monday, British Prime Minister Theresa May signed an order requiring internet service providers to block access to sites that promote or promote violence.

The order comes after two men were killed in an attack on Westminster Bridge last year.

“We must continue to work together as a nation to ensure that our citizens are safe from the threat of online and offline violence,” May said.

But in the US, the new report doesn’t really help explain why we’re seeing such a high level of online threats and violence in 2017 in particular.

For one, Swains report is a snapshot.

The Swann report isn’t the first to track the number and severity of threats online.

Last year, security firm ThreatConnect released the first comprehensive report of the cyberthreat landscape, showing the most common cyberattacks across industries.

For example, the report found that computer networks were the most targeted by cyberattacks, followed by transportation systems, energy infrastructure, healthcare and energy storage.

ThreatConnect also found that cybersecurity was a big driver of attacks, as more and more attacks are being directed at companies.

“The biggest threat to a company is not from a malicious actor but from a hacker or other cybercriminal who has the resources to attack them,” said Kevin Walker, director of research at ThreatConnect.

“They have the ability to do the attacks on a large scale.”

A cyberattack can take place anywhere, so any attack that disrupts communications, financial, medical, financial services or government infrastructure is a threat to the public.

The more threats there are, the more potential there is for attacks to spread.

Walker also noted that attackers are also looking to exploit vulnerabilities in infrastructure that are more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

For instance, cybercriminals have used malware and malware-infected software to target banks, universities and financial institutions.

“What we’re looking at is a cyber-attack coming from the IoT,” Walker said.

“It’s going to be coming from IoT devices, whether they’re embedded into the internet or they’re installed on the internet.”

Swann surveyed more than 5,000 US companies for its report, which covers 2017.

It found that, of the 2,834 companies surveyed, an alarming 80 percent of the companies said they had experienced cyberthreats in the past year.

And those numbers aren’t even a snapshot: 80 percent said the cyberattacks they had witnessed had taken place within the last six months.

The threat landscape in the United Kingdon County, Maryland, area was especially grim.

The county was hit hard by the Charleston shooting, which left nine dead and more than a dozen injured.

(CNN) The Charleston shooting in South Carolina sparked protests across the US and around the world, but the number one reason why many companies are feeling the effects of the threats is a lack of cybersecurity.

In fact, the survey found that 80 percent cited cyberattacks as a primary reason they didn’t invest in cybersecurity.

Swann says that’s because, despite the fact that businesses are putting more resources into cybersecurity, they are not having a positive impact.

“Companies are investing in a security strategy and not enough in cybersecurity,” Walker explained.

“A lot of companies are investing more in their internal networks, but they’re not investing in their infrastructure.

And the result is a situation where a lot of cyberattacks are occurring within the same infrastructure.”

For example in 2018, more than 90 percent of companies surveyed said that their company’s website had been compromised in the last month.

Swans survey also found a wide disparity between the levels of cybersecurity in different industries.

The vast majority of cybersecurity incidents take place in the information and communications technology (ICT) and financial services sectors, which includes credit card fraud and financial monitoring.

For businesses that deal with information and financial transactions, the risk of a cyber attack is more severe.

“Information and financial systems are so vulnerable to cybersecurity,” said Walker.

“Financial systems and information systems are more exposed to cyber attacks than any other sector.”

For companies that deal in medical

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