A new ‘brink security’-style program is being rolled out by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that allows employers to hire private security contractors to help secure their buildings and vehicles, as well as the mail, as part of a plan to modernize the federal workforce.

According to the Homeland Security Department’s website, DHS is “releasing a series of programs” that aim to modernise the workforce, reduce employee turnover and reduce the cost of doing business.

In a release on the DHS website, a spokesperson for the department explained that contractors can help with “all types of security related work including building and transportation security, vehicle security, mail security, and secure attachment.”

The program, called Secure Attachment Security, or SASS, is “an innovative program developed by the DHS Department of Management Services (DMS) and developed by Deloitte,” the spokesperson said.

“This program allows employers across the country to hire contractors to perform specific tasks for them, like maintaining their property or securing their vehicles.”

While DHS is currently in the process of finalizing the details of the program, the spokesperson indicated that the contract will include “security-related tasks” that will include the following:Security and protection of government property.

Security and security of government vehicles.

Security for the mail.

Security of government facilities and buildings.

As well, the DHS spokesperson stated that the program is currently under “an internal review process” that is currently being conducted by the department’s “team of contractors.”

According to DHS, the Secure Attachments Security program “is part of the DHS’ efforts to moderniz our workforce and reduce costs of doing government business.”

A Department of Labor spokesperson told Business Insider that DHS’s Secure Attaches program will help increase efficiency and cost savings across the federal government, and is designed to allow companies to hire more workers and keep more of their costs down.

“We are working to modernizing our workforce to enable it to meet the demands of today and tomorrow’s business,” the DHS press release stated.

“This new initiative will make our workforce more efficient, more secure, and more productive.”

The spokesperson did not offer a timeline for when the program will be operational.DHS’s announcement follows the Department’s decision to suspend a program known as the Secure and Secure Vehicle (SASS) program, which was introduced by the Obama administration in January 2017.

In an interview with Business Insider last year, then-DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson said the Secure Vehicles program “was supposed to help companies and companies hire more employees.”

However, the department later reversed that decision in April 2018, and the Secure Services Program (SSP), which was created in 2015, was also terminated.

“The Secure and secure vehicle program, like the Secure Secure Vehicles Program before it, was not intended to meet today’s challenges,” Johnson said at the time.

“It was meant to be a way to streamline the security of our vehicles, which were a big part of our job and were not as well designed as they could be.

We need to modernized those vehicles and make sure that we are doing it in a way that is safe and secure for the American people.”

While the DHS has said that it is currently reviewing the implementation of the Secure Security program, a DHS spokesperson did confirm that DHS has not yet finalized the details or implementation timeline for the new program.

The DHS press conference on Tuesday also mentioned a number of other initiatives, including the new “Secure Attachment Management” program, in which contractors will be paid a “mandatory salary of $3,000 per hour” to help with security-related duties for DHS contractors.

“In this program, DHS has committed to hiring at least 25,000 new contractors over the next five years,” the statement stated.

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