An Australian financial blogger has written a new guide to finding security bars for your smartphone.

Posted on Thursday, April 25, the guide, which was first reported by Fairfax Media, gives users tips on how to find bars on smartphones.

In a post on its website, security bar creator and security expert Matt Gower wrote: “I’ve written a simple guide to getting security bars into your mobile phone so that you don’t get caught by the bad guys.”

The guide is designed for people who want to check whether their mobile phone is running Android or iOS.

“There are three security bars: security bar icon, security lock icon and security lock status bar.”

The security bars feature an image of a security bar and a button which allows users to select which security bar they want to see.

“If you are looking for a bar, simply tap the icon and swipe to the right to show the bar.”

Security lock icon is for users who want their phone to lock automatically if a user taps the bar and has an account.

“Gower said the bars were designed to make security easy to find and tap.”

These bars can be configured to show different alerts to the user if they have the correct security code,” he wrote.”

Once the user taps a bar the app will display a list of alerts for the app to check.”‘

Bots will hack’The security bar is a key part of the app, as it will show a warning if a hacker is attempting to install a malware or spyware on your device.”

To check for the presence of malware or spies on your phone, you can go to the lock screen, tap on the icon on the top right of the lock, then tap on Settings,” Gower said.”

Then tap on Security and check the check box next to the checkbox for the security bar.””

You can also go to Settings > General > Security and turn on Lock Screen Automation.

“You will see a notification when the lock screens security bars are activated.”

Users can also find out if a device is running the latest version of Android or iPhone by tapping on the status bar and looking at the bar in the top left corner.

“Depending on your Android or Apple device, the security bars can vary in size,” Gowers said.

“On the iPhone, the bar is the size of the screen, so it will be very easy to see a bar with a large, yellow bar.”

Read more: ‘The internet is a great place to find bugs’What’s in the guide?

The guide includes a guide on how users can configure security bars, including which security codes they need to be on for the bars to be activated, how long they last and how long the bars will be active.

“Each bar has a ‘check mark’ to indicate it’s activated if the user is using the correct type of security code to enable the bar,” Gow said.

Read more “There is also a small icon which will let you know if the bar has been locked for a few seconds.”

Some bars will have a small ‘check’ icon in the bottom left corner, which indicates that the bar may be locked for some time, and that it’s best to activate the bar to make sure it doesn’t get activated again.

“Gow said the security icons in the bar are displayed in a different colour to the actual security code, and this could indicate that a bar is still in use, and needs to be checked again.”

Once you have checked the bar you can also see the lock icon in your lock screen.””

When you activate the security icon, you will see the bar status, the status indicator, the bars icon and a confirmation message.”

“Once you have checked the bar you can also see the lock icon in your lock screen.”

How to find the barYou can either tap on any bar icon to open the settings menu, or if the icon is greyed out, you need to tap the lock and status icon and it will display the security code.

“Tap on the check mark icon and then swipe down from the top to see the security indicator.

Tap on any icon to show more details”Tap the check icon to reveal the bar’s status and status indicator.””

Tap and hold on the bar icon until the status icon flashes in the upper right corner of the bar.

“How long the security check lastsFor the security status bar to be effective, you must have an active security code on your mobile device.

If you do not have an effective security code when the bar appears, it will not function, the post said.

To see if the security badge is active, users can open the security menu in Settings, tap the status check icon and tap the check if the check is activated icon.”

For each bar you tap, the notification will flash in the status status icon, and if the status is ‘OK’ the bar will unlock.

“While you are

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