The latest smartphone app to hit the market is a software Trojan that allows hackers to steal your personal data from a smartphone or tablet, according to security experts.

The Trojan – which was created by a Chinese security firm called ThreatConnect – is a Trojan that encrypts the data of your device and allows attackers to view the information stored on it, according a report by security firm Kaspersky Lab.

It can also be used to track you and steal your passwords.

The company said the Trojan is the most sophisticated malware that has been designed to steal information from smartphones or tablets.

The researchers said the new app can be used on any smartphone, including the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Sony Xperia models.

The malware can be installed on phones running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which is available for free in the Google Play Store, but some people may want to install it on a more expensive device, according the researchers.

“The new Trojan is one of the most advanced malware we have seen to date and it is extremely dangerous,” said Kasperska researcher Alexander Volynkin.

“We have seen numerous cases of malware attacks on mobile devices and we expect this to increase.”

Security experts have warned that if you are using a smartphone, the Trojan can be downloaded and used on it without your knowledge.

But the Trojan has not been found on iPhones, and the malware has not caused any crashes on the devices in question, said Kelsang.

The research was published on Wednesday.

The report is based on Kasperski’s security research service Kasperskaya Lab’s security tool, which detects software and security threats.

Security experts said that while some people might want to keep their devices safe, they need to be wary of software that is used to steal sensitive data, and should be wary when using applications that are used to send data.

“A number of people, for example, use Android phones and are running apps that send data, for instance email, to a third party service provider,” said Volynkins.

“We have found malware attacks using Android malware that can steal passwords, phone numbers, passwords, contacts, email and even the SIM card of a smartphone.”

The researchers warned that a lot of people are using the new Trojan in their smartphones, but they should be cautious and be careful when they are using applications such as WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram and others.

“It is important to note that the new version of this malware does not encrypt the information it steals,” said one of Kaspersko’s researchers, Andrew Jagielski.

“This means that it is possible for a malicious app to access the encrypted information stored in the device and use it to obtain access to sensitive information, such as your passwords, photos, location information or other personal information.”‘

Weirdly enough, this new Trojan actually targets us’The researchers, who conducted their research in collaboration with a team from Google, said the latest version of the Trojan does not contain any new features, such a secure messaging app or new password hashing algorithms.

“As far as we know, this Trojan does in fact target us,” Jagielk said.

“It does what it does and is still a new variant, so we suspect it has not seen widespread usage.

We are also concerned that the current version of it may have been out-competed by older versions.”

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