A security firm has released a report on what it says is a worrying surge in malware threats.

The report by security firm BitDefender says it has received a record number of cyberattacks this year.

“In the second quarter of 2017, the total number of malware threats reported to BitDefenders was 8,846, the second highest on record for a year,” the company said.

“We are currently investigating the origins of the malicious code used to infect BitDefiance, and are actively working with the industry to prevent further such attacks in the future.”

It added that a “preliminary investigation” showed that “several” malware campaigns were targeting the security software provider, as well as other companies and individuals.

“While it is too early to know what the full impact will be on BitDefend, we have taken measures to protect our customers,” BitDefence said.

“We are taking the necessary measures to ensure we are the most secure, most resilient and most secure.”

It said that since the beginning of 2017 the number of malicious code attacks had jumped from 1,534 to 7,959.

The latest malware threat data, from BitDefield, comes amid a renewed global cybersecurity war that has seen China, the US and others use cyberwarfare to attack and seize private data.

China has been accused of hacking into the personal details of millions of US citizens in an apparent attempt to influence the outcome of the presidential election.

The US and other countries, including France and Canada, have also said that they have been hit with cyberattacks, but have yet to give a specific number.

In May, it emerged that China was using an advanced piece of malware to hack into computers of US officials.

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