FourFourSeconds ago, we wrote about how to build a Twitter bot using Ruby and NodeJS.

Today, we’ll take a look at how to add a basic JavaScript and Node.js bot language to your Twitter account.

First, a little background on bots: Bots are computer programs that interact with the web in an attempt to achieve certain goals.

In the real world, bots are often used to automate repetitive tasks such as tweeting, following people, or retweeting other people’s content.

Bots are used in industries like video games and video production, where automated systems are used to create content for various clients.

While this type of bot is commonly associated with bots in the media and entertainment industry, bots in general have been around for many years, with some popular bots including Twitter’s Bot Framework and the famous #tweetbot, created by Twitter in 2016.

Twitter has also built a number of bot extensions, like the Twitter Bot Framework, to automate the process of creating bot accounts.

This article will take a quick look at creating a simple, JavaScript-based bot using Node.JS and Ruby.

This tutorial will be written in the Ruby on Rails programming language, but we’ll be using NodeJS in this article.

For this tutorial, we will be using the Node.

JS version of the Bot Framework.

We will also be using some examples from the BotFramework website, so you should be familiar with the language and the Bot framework’s API.

As a refresher, here’s what we’ll do: 1.

Create a new bot using the Botframework app Create a bot using a Node.

js project with the bot framework, and call it @bot.


Make a bot to interact with a Twitter account Create a script called twitter.js that will be the bot’s entry point.

It will take the following arguments: -name The name of the bot -username The username of the account -password The password for the account that the bot should be following.

The bot should also take the URL for the bot that it should be tweeting.


Create the script and run it Create a file called bot.js and add the following code to it: import bot.

BotFramework import {bot.

Script} from ‘./bot.

Bot’ import bot from ‘../../bot/Bot.js’ bot.init() bot.registerBot(@bot) 4.

Make the bot executable (we’ll be making a file named run.js with the run command) The script we created earlier in the tutorial can be found in the Bot Framework website.

To execute it, we need to create a directory for the script in our project.

Open up the Bot.js file in the root directory of the project, and add this code to the bottom of it: app = BotFramewnd() app.on(‘twitter’, function() { bot.script(‘run’, ‘./twitter.js’) }) 5.

Now you can execute the bot with and it will automatically tweet your username and password to your bot, as shown in the screenshot below.


Make sure your bot is tweeting @bot, as it’s only the first line of the script.

The script will tweet a random user’s username and the bot will tweet out its password to you, as seen in the screenshots below.


Check to make sure the bot is not tweeting too much (this is very important) To test the bot, run it once, and then try to see if the bot tweets @bot again.

If you’re tweeting the username and then see your username, it’s working, so we should stop the bot and check if the user is tweeting the bot.

Let’s try to tweet @bot once more: 7.4.

Test if the tweet is successful (this part is important) If the tweet message does not come through, you should make sure that the user isn’t tweeting the user, and that the script was successfully executed.

The code for this test can be located in the bot folder of the application.

We can run it using from the root of the directory we just created, as illustrated below: 8.

Check that the tweet does not go through The bot will only tweet @username and @password when it’s running, and you should see your Twitter username, Twitter password, and your Twitter bot name in the tweets that it tweets out.

To test if the script is working correctly, open up the bot app again and try to do the same thing, this time it should tweet out @username again: bot,run() 9.

Tweet @username (this will be your tweet) Now, try to Tweet @yourusername, as well as @yourpassword: bot @username,@password 10.

Check the tweet’s success (this last line is important to make the bot tweet more) You should see the tweet come through!

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