A new company that claims to have a “secure camera” is claiming to have security flaws in its cameras, potentially putting your camera at risk. 

Security researcher Kevin Wien and his team claim to have found vulnerabilities in Signal’s cameras that allow them to be remotely hacked. 

“I’ve never had a camera in my life that’s been remotely hacked, but we found a few,” Wien told Ars. 

The team said that when the Signal camera was turned on, it could not access the microphone or microphone speaker. 

Wien said that the vulnerabilities in the camera were “exactly the same” as vulnerabilities found in the CameraKit app, a free app that was created to make it easier for camera makers to build and support their own security cameras. 

Signal’s cameras were already on sale for $49, but the researchers said that they were offering a special $29.99 price point for Signal’s “secure” cameras, and that the camera was designed to be the same as other cameras available from camera makers. 

A Signal spokesperson said that “it’s always important to verify any claim that has been made on the internet.” 

Wiens claim is backed up by security researchers who have tested the Signal cameras, but they also said that it was impossible to verify their findings. 

In an interview with The Verge, Wien also said, “I’ve been using Signal for more than a year now, and it has never ever been compromised.

Signal never had anything remotely malicious or even remotely problematic.

I never even saw a trace of it being used by anyone.” 

But Wien said Signal’s claim that it is “secure,” despite the flaws, is inaccurate. 

“[Signal] claims that they have a ‘secure camera,’ which means that the security features are not as strong as they should be,” Wiens told The Verge.

“Signal claims that it has a camera that’s not vulnerable, which is completely false.

They’ve never made a vulnerability in any of their cameras, including Signal, and have never tested anything remotely in line with their claims.” 

Signel’s cameras are not only the first to offer a “signal camera,” but they’re also the first camera to come with “Secure” settings, a feature that allows users to hide or block their cameras in the settings menu. 

According to Wien, Signal’s secure camera offers a feature called “Secure Mode,” which allows users “to hide or hide the camera in their settings.” 

However, Wiens said that there is no way to verify that this is actually true. 

He added that “If you look at Signal’s documentation, you’ll find that the Secure Mode feature is only accessible when you turn on Signal.” 

“The Secure Mode is only available if you’re using the camera on a phone that’s running Signal, so it would be impossible to turn it off or off securely,” he added. 

One of the biggest concerns Wien has with Signal’s camera is that the company has not done a proper test of the camera’s security, and he said that Signal has not offered any information about how it tested the cameras.

Signal does not say whether the company will do a proper testing of the cameras, or if it will continue to offer secure cameras.

Wien did not respond to Ars’ request for comment. 

When Wien first started using Signal, he said, he was impressed by the company’s camera design. 

But after spending more than $1,000 on the camera, Wians fears that he has spent too much money, and his camera has now been hacked.

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