With the government on lockdown in the U-S-58 area of San Francisco, the military is using its “supercomputer” to keep tabs on the nation’s critical infrastructure.

The military’s supercomputer, dubbed SANDUSKY, is housed at the U.-S-52 Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, and it has been running a virtual simulation of a massive EMP storm for the past four months, according to the Air Force.

In this video from May, the SANDUSHK supercomputer shows the potential of a major EMP storm.

SANDUSK is being used to simulate a possible EMP storm that could destroy the entire U.K., the U, U.N., the United Nations headquarters and major power grids, according the Airforce.

“If we get an EMP that wipes out the electrical grid in the United Kingdom, or the UNAIDS [United Nations Assistance Mission in the Philippines] headquarters, we will be in a very real and immediate emergency,” said Brig. Gen. Chris Broussard, director of Air Combat Command.

Broussards comments come after a U.B.J. defense group said last week it was preparing for the possibility of a “superstorm” that could devastate the United States, causing widespread power outages.

A superstorm is an event that, if it comes, would cause widespread damage to the nation.

U.S.-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab warned in a note last week that an EMP storm would leave the U the “worst-case scenario” of a cyberattack.

The U.P.S., the Pentagon and the Air National Guard all use supercomputers in the San Francisco area, and many U.A.E. systems are housed in the vicinity.

While there is no specific threat to the U and U.M., the military believes the EMP could result in severe and potentially catastrophic damage to U.C. Berkeley’s CSULB campus, which houses the military’s Cyber Command.

The threat could result from a nuclear explosion, an EMP or other catastrophic event.

According to a military briefing, the UH-1N Huey, a multirole helicopter, and the UMP-5 Huey hovercraft are “the most vulnerable” to a superstorm, and a UH7N Corsair amphibious aircraft could be knocked out by an EMP attack.

Military personnel have been warned to stay home, and those who do travel should leave by 7 p.m.

Saturday, according Army Secretary Robert Workman.

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