It’s not always the same people who get hacked.

While it might seem like it’s only happening to the most powerful people, it can happen to anyone.

And in the case of the US, it’s happening to anyone with a phone.

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has warned that “a malicious actor could exploit the vulnerability to cause a denial of service or other network-related impact.”

The agency says that, “The majority of devices are still not protected by the latest firmware.”

The DHS warned that this vulnerability exists in all phones sold in the US and in some cases it is used to remotely compromise phones.

It’s the same vulnerability that was found in the Sony hack of the Sony Playstation network that affected the Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) in the UK.

It also has been found in iPhones, but it has been patched and the company says that they are aware of no other cases where the same flaw has been used to compromise phones remotely.

There is a huge security risk with these vulnerabilities and they need to be fixed quickly.

The issue is widespread and it’s one that affects a wide range of devices, including the devices of people in high-profile positions.

The problem is even worse if the phone is used for a business and if the owner is an IT professional, as the vulnerabilities allow for the owner to be remotely compromised.

“A compromised device can be used to conduct targeted attacks against individuals or organizations, which can include the theft of data from sensitive information, identity theft, and financial fraud,” the DHS said in a blog post.

“This can be particularly insidious when it is carried out on people working from home, such as in hotels or in other public settings, and is particularly prevalent among those who have previously been at a high risk of financial fraud, such that they may be vulnerable to similar activities.”

According to the DHS, the most common vulnerabilities are found in firmware versions between versions 1.0 and 1.2.

The devices are also more vulnerable to vulnerabilities that can allow a hacker to remotely disable or reset them, as well as disabling or damaging the device.

This vulnerability is one that is used in “all modern Android devices.”

“Many devices, from tablets to high-end laptops, are susceptible to these vulnerabilities,” the government said.

“Many of these vulnerabilities can be exploited to compromise sensitive information such as passwords, banking credentials, or other personal information, which may include credit card numbers, social security numbers, or home addresses.”

The most common device vulnerability is found in Android versions 1 or 2, with versions 3 and 4 being more prevalent.

The vulnerability in Android 4.4 is also known as “locked boot mode” and is one of the most prevalent vulnerabilities in smartphones, the government added.

It is “common” for a hacker who has been compromised to gain root access on the device, which allows them to access all the apps and files on the phone.

This allows them access to all the files, settings and other sensitive information stored on the Android device.

“An attacker can use a rooted device to execute malicious code on the smartphone, including access to sensitive data,” the US government added in its blog post, noting that this can occur on “unlocked or unlocked bootloader” devices.

“It can also allow a user to execute commands on the locked device.”

The device can also be used for “malicious activities,” which can be for “exploiting vulnerabilities in the device.”

A root password is also required to be used.

There are two types of vulnerabilities, and a third is “malformed data,” which means the device can allow attackers to access files that they did not create or download, according to the government.

“The vulnerabilities in this vulnerability are generally less serious than those in CVE-2015-0596 and CVE-2016-1799, but more serious than CVE-2017-0126 and CVE

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