Microsoft is announcing a $5 billion security fund that it says will help to protect Microsoft’s platforms and systems.

Microsoft will also invest in research and development to help secure its platforms.

The announcement is part of Microsoft’s $1.7 billion “Windows 10 Security & Security Research Fund,” announced Thursday.

Microsoft said the fund is to be used for research on cybersecurity, security and incident response to protect the company’s own platforms and services, including Windows, Azure, Surface, HoloLens, HoloPhone and Cortana.

“Our platforms, applications and services are critical to the success of our customers, partners and businesses, and we have invested heavily in security to keep our customers safe,” said Bill Gates, Microsoft’s chief executive officer.

“The Windows 10 Security and Security Research fund will help us keep our platforms secure and help protect our users from hackers and other attackers.

It will also help us build the best-in-class systems that help our customers stay safer and our businesses stay more successful.”

Microsoft is offering the fund to interested investors.

“Our mission is to build the safest and most secure software, services and systems that empower people to do more with their time, money and resources,” Gates said.

“We have invested in these security technologies to make sure they are safe, but we’re also committed to helping them reach more people, keep their businesses safe and help them live more securely.”

Microsoft has been working on the security of its Windows and Windows Server platforms for the past year.

Microsoft’s security researchers and analysts have found numerous security vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s software, including vulnerabilities in Windows Defender, the company and some of its competitors have said.

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