Alyssas Rosenberg, a senior correspondent for The Jerusalem Times, has won a $100,000 prize for her reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Rosenberg, whose article was the first in a series of stories on the conflict, was selected by the Jerusalem Marathon, an annual event sponsored by the nonprofit organization Peace Now.

She was part of the Jerusalem Project, a nonprofit group that was set up by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to support a new generation of Palestinian journalists in the region.

The Jerusalem Marathon is the fourth annual event, held in Jerusalem every year, which was established in 2010 by the Palestine Journalists Committee.

Rudan Daghlas, the founder and president of the Palestine Project, said the prize was a “huge honor,” and the prize came with a big financial payoff.

“We think it’s great that she’s gotten the prize, but it’s also important to recognize that she did it on behalf of the Palestinian people, who are suffering in a very painful way, and she’s doing it in solidarity with us,” he told The Associated Press.

The runner-up in the Jerusalem Prize was Meir Dagan, a correspondent for Haaretz, a daily newspaper in Israel.

Dagan was also the runner-in-chief of the Israeli news agency Yedioth Ahronoth.

Dagans article about the Israeli military raid on the Gaza Strip in late August was the most-read in the newspaper’s history.

Dagar’s article was followed by a story by Ynet’s editor-in chief Eli Zuckerman and Haaretz’s Jerusalem bureau chief Gilad Erdan, who wrote that the Israel Defense Forces “must not be permitted to commit such atrocities on the Palestinian civilians, or anyone else for that matter, because of the fact that the Palestinians have nothing to fear from them.”

The Jerusalem Prize, a one-time Israeli award that is a form of political compensation to journalists who work in the Middle East, has also been awarded to Palestinian writer and activist Mohammad Othman.

The winner of the 2014 Jerusalem Prize is a person who works for the public interest.

The prize also was awarded to three journalists who were part of a series on the U.S.-Israel relationship during the summer of 2014.

The three articles were written by journalist Ali Abunimah and journalist Shimon Shapira.

The winning articles were published on May 25, May 28 and June 12.

The Jerusalem Prize winners are selected annually by the committee.

Abunimh, who covers the Israeli cabinet, wrote that he “was not aware of the extent of the [Israeli military’s] attack on Gaza.”

“I do not think the Israeli state has the right to carry out these atrocities,” Abunirimah said.

Shapira, who is based in Israel and writes for the liberal daily newspaper Haaretz and has been critical of the Netanyahu government, said his article “was written to highlight the role of the Palestinians as the victims of this war.”

“It was written with an open mind and I think the fact of the matter is that the only way to stop this war is for Israel to stop,” Shapira said.

A week after Abunimus article, Shimon told AP that his piece was written in response to the military’s attack on Hamas.

“The people who have the most to fear are the people who are closest to the Palestinians, and if Israel is attacking them and the people closest to them are the ones who are being attacked, the only response to this aggression is to respond with the most serious attack possible,” he said.

“I wrote this piece to expose the fact, and the fact is that Israel is being very aggressive and trying to get its own revenge on Hamas and on the whole Palestinian people.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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