How to avoid being hacked by a malicious smartphone app

The latest smartphone app to hit the market is a software Trojan that allows hackers to steal your personal data from a smartphone or tablet, according to security experts.The Trojan – which was created by a Chinese security firm called ThreatConnect – is a Trojan that encrypts the data of your device and allows attackers […]

What the Swann Security scorecard says about the US security landscape

What the swann Security Scorecard says the United States security landscape is far from secure.That’s according to a report from security consulting firm Swann.The report is based on data from Swann’s annual Secure Life Survey.In 2016, Swann found that the US had the world’s highest level of personal security threats, including a cyberattack on a […]

When you can buy a $3,000 Amazon security camera for $1,800

With Amazon’s security cameras and other hardware products on sale, you’re likely wondering whether you can afford one.And the answer is, probably not.But you might have a chance to save a bit of money on the purchase, if you’re interested in the latest Amazon security cameras, adt home surveillance cameras, and other gadgets.The best Amazon […]

Why we think the Admiral Security Camera is safe to use

Microsoft security cameras are one of the most widely used and widely adopted security devices on the market today.While they have been around for years, they are now gaining in popularity as a result of the popularity of embedded cameras.This article explores the reasons why the Admiral security camera is an ideal choice for security […]

How to secure a secure card with a password

Secure card readers are a new trend in card readers.And, for the first time, they can be bought in Australia.The new SecureCard, which is available for $249.99, has a fingerprint reader, an image recognition system and a chip-based security chip.Here’s how to secure your card.1.Get your card reader ready When you order your SecureCard from […]

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