Watch Out for Security Door Stopper! | Security Door Stoppers are on the prowl! | What do you know about security door stoppers? | Are they dangerous? | Who are the guys behind them?

Security Door stoppers are increasingly on the streets of the United States and Europe, but they are a growing threat to homes and businesses alike.They are the kind of security threat that we are afraid of, yet many are not aware of. The biggest problem with the security door stooppers is their deceptive marketing tactics, as […]

Security firm Bitdefender releases report on malware threats

A security firm has released a report on what it says is a worrying surge in malware threats.The report by security firm BitDefender says it has received a record number of cyberattacks this year.“In the second quarter of 2017, the total number of malware threats reported to BitDefenders was 8,846, the second highest on record […]

How to play with a brosni security system

This is a post in our Security Guide series, where we highlight how security can improve the way we work, communicate, and play.Brosni, the company that makes Brosnan Security, is best known for its brosna security systems that let users take photos of people and then scan the images to identify faces, facial features, and […]

Which companies can you use for security in India?

Security in India is a rapidly evolving area.There are several organisations working on security-related issues that may be of interest to you.We have selected some of the top security companies for you to learn more about.Brosnan Security: Brosnans security products are well-known for their innovative security solutions and their commitment to customer satisfaction.Their services are […]

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