‘Bulldog Security’ Secure Deposit With Bitcoin – Bulldog Security

Bulldog security has put a secure deposit feature on their website to help customers secure their Bitcoins, which they use to pay their bills, store their bank account details, and even buy things online.Bulldog security will accept bitcoins, Ether, and other digital currencies in the future. The company has been offering secure deposit services for Bitcoin […]

What you need to know about the Bulldog security software

Bulldog is a free, secure email client for Windows, Mac and Linux.Its one of the most popular email clients for Windows.It can also be used to send encrypted email or send plain text emails.Its the only email client that can encrypt and decrypt your email and send plain-text emails as well.If you use a browser, […]

How to make a simple Twitter bot with a basic bot language

FourFourSeconds ago, we wrote about how to build a Twitter bot using Ruby and NodeJS.Today, we’ll take a look at how to add a basic JavaScript and Node.js bot language to your Twitter account.First, a little background on bots: Bots are computer programs that interact with the web in an attempt to achieve certain goals.In […]

How to get rid of your security lights

In the United States, the federal government requires all employers to install a security light on every office building.In many cases, it will cost less than $10 per light.The light is typically located on a door or window.If you don’t have one installed, you can still use the code on the back of your card […]

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