Why is Russia pushing for a new ‘security council’ in Yemen?

Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have all proposed creating a “security council” in Yemen.The US is not a member of the council.But it does not rule out joining the bloc.Saudi Arabia and Egypt have said they will work with the bloc to establish a mechanism to address Yemen’s “emerging security challenges”, according […]

How to use an Android security camera to protect your privacy

Security camera systems are becoming increasingly popular as the technology improves, but the apps that come with them have been riddled with bugs and vulnerabilities. Now, researchers from Secure Self Storage and Google have discovered a vulnerability in one of the more popular Android security cameras that can allow attackers to remotely install their own malware. They say this bug could […]

Why your security deposit may be more secure than you think – and how to make sure it’s the right amount for you

It’s the age old question: is my security deposit enough to secure my retirement?It’s a good question, but it can get tricky.We asked our readers to explain their security deposit to us.Here’s what they had to say.Why is it a good idea to have a security deposit?The basic answer is to have one in case […]

How to protect yourself against solar security light: A guide

In February, a solar security flashlight was stolen in China from an apartment in Beijing.The incident was caught on video, and authorities in China have now released video of the theft, which they say proves that “the solar security lights used in China are not safe”.Solar security light is the term used to describe any […]

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