How to install a smart home security system

With a smart-home security system on the market, you’ll need to get used to the idea that everything around you is being monitored and controlled.Here are the basic rules to follow when setting up your own smart home system.If you’re already using a home automation system, there are some key tips to follow.Read more … […]

How to get free Equifax security updates and security freeze on your PC and Mac

How to access Equifax’s security updates, which include antivirus and browser updates, on your computer or mobile device.If you need to use Equifax services to access the service, you’ll need to log in to the service using a login and password of your choice. If you don’t have a login or password, you can use one […]

How to protect your email security from phishing, malware, etc.

We all know the dangers of phishing scams.It’s easy to spot them, but sometimes they get bigger and worse the longer you keep your email secure.For instance, you might get an email from a website that asks you to send your personal information.And it may ask for a password or something else.You could then get […]

‘CrowdStrike’ hacked security company home security services

The National Security Agency (NSA) has been accused of hacking into home security company Eufy, according to a blog post from the cybersecurity firm.The blog post claims that the NSA breached the company’s network and gained access to its private and highly classified information, and it’s believed that this information included the names of the […]

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