How to use an Android security camera to protect your privacy

Security camera systems are becoming increasingly popular as the technology improves, but the apps that come with them have been riddled with bugs and vulnerabilities. Now, researchers from Secure Self Storage and Google have discovered a vulnerability in one of the more popular Android security cameras that can allow attackers to remotely install their own malware. They say this bug could […]

How to buy a Vivint security camera system and get security updates in a matter of weeks

Security cameras are getting increasingly popular as the Internet of Things becomes more and more of a reality.Now, a new type of security camera is getting a lot of attention as well, thanks to Vivint’s new secure gateway.Security cameras are growing in popularity, especially as the internet of things becomes more of an inevitability.Now a […]

How to watch the job market with the best security camera technology

If you are looking for a way to monitor your job market in a secure way, look no further than the security camera system employed by the state of Colorado.In April 2018, a new job-security law, Amendment 14, took effect in the state.It created a statewide “computerized job security system” that would allow for automatic […]

Security camera systems ‘risky’ as security cards become a financial commodity

Security cameras are a popular way for governments to monitor criminals, monitor their movements, and collect information about the security of people’s homes.Now, they’re being used for other purposes.Many governments are looking to secure cards in the future, to prevent fraud and ensure that they can be used as a payment method for goods and […]

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