‘Outdoor Security Lights’ for Windows, iOS, Android and Android TV devices will soon be available for purchase in the US and Europe

In October 2017, Google announced the Home Security Systems for Windows 10 and Home Security System for Android were coming to the Xbox One. In June 2018, the Home security system for Windows was also announced for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices. While Microsoft said at the time that the HomeSecurity systems would not be […]

When you don’t want your phone’s camera to be hacked, don’t trust the company that makes it

A new company that claims to have a “secure camera” is claiming to have security flaws in its cameras, potentially putting your camera at risk. Security researcher Kevin Wien and his team claim to have found vulnerabilities in Signal’s cameras that allow them to be remotely hacked. “I’ve never had a camera in my life that’s been […]

How to install arlo secure home security system

Arlo security home security is an arlo system that was developed by the company Arlo Security.You can install it by installing the arlo.v4.x branch of arlo-security-core-x64.For those who are not familiar with arlo, Arlo is an open source product that provides home security systems.Arlo is a standalone solution that has been used for home security […]

How to avoid the ring home security signal 88

When you’re at home, the ringing of your alarm clock and ringing of a siren can be confusing, so what should you do if you’re not sure how to get your alarm to stop ringing?Read moreThe Ring Home Security Signal 88, which is the sound generated by the security system on your home’s alarm clock, […]

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