When a security vulnerability makes a website vulnerable to a security issue, what to do about it

Posted by The Next Home Media on July 22, 2018 09:13:30If you’re a website owner, you should be aware that your visitors might be vulnerable to security issues if your site isn’t secure.A security flaw in a browser plugin could make your site vulnerable to malware or even worse, to an online attack that will […]

How to use an Android security camera to protect your privacy

Security camera systems are becoming increasingly popular as the technology improves, but the apps that come with them have been riddled with bugs and vulnerabilities. Now, researchers from Secure Self Storage and Google have discovered a vulnerability in one of the more popular Android security cameras that can allow attackers to remotely install their own malware. They say this bug could […]

Home security bars and other barriers in the US

Home security systems and bars are increasingly becoming a reality.While most systems in the United States rely on sensors or sensors integrated into the door frame or the inside of the door, the latest models in the market may be built on a much broader array of sensors and barbs. The biggest trend is for home […]

How to buy the best security camera bars for your home

The best security bars are the ones that can stop your attackers before they strike.But there are a lot of choices, and you might be surprised to find one that’s the best for your needs.Here’s a guide to find the best ones for your house.1.Security camera bars have to be installed and activated in the […]

What is g4s security bars?

A few months ago, Google was in the news for refusing to install a security bar for its Android operating system.In an interview with Business Insider, Google VP of Security Brad Smith said the decision to make the bar default was made based on a security assessment of the platform, which was conducted by G4s […]

How to find security bars on mobile phones

An Australian financial blogger has written a new guide to finding security bars for your smartphone.Posted on Thursday, April 25, the guide, which was first reported by Fairfax Media, gives users tips on how to find bars on smartphones.In a post on its website, security bar creator and security expert Matt Gower wrote: “I’ve written […]

WATCH: Police search for missing woman in the San Francisco area

A woman who vanished from a San Francisco apartment building early Saturday morning is presumed dead.Police have said the woman was reported missing around 2:30 a.m. after her car was spotted at the corner of Mission and California streets.Her body was found about four hours later.Police released surveillance images of the suspect vehicle, which they […]

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