5 ways to stay safe online and stay safe from the cyber security internship

Security internships offer an exciting new opportunity to be an integral part of an organization.These positions offer a chance to learn about new technologies, apply to secure positions, and interact with peers.But if you don’t have experience in the field yet, this internship can be a great way to get your foot in the door.1.Cybersecurity […]

What you need to know about security doors at high-end condo buildings

By: Annette McLean The Globe and Mail is reporting that security doors have been popping up at condo buildings across Canada in recent months, with some saying the doors are only for business use.A recent report by the Centre for Privacy and Technology says that more than $8.5 million has been spent on research into […]

When Your Mortgage Is a Cyber Security Certificate: The Best Way to Protect Yourself

With cybersecurity certifications like those for mortgage brokers, mortgage servicers and credit card companies, many companies and their employees are more vigilant about safeguarding their data.But there’s one exception to the general rule: you, the homeowner.It’s not a new idea to keep your home data secure, but it’s a major concern for many.Here’s what you […]

Which Amazon security cameras can you buy today?

A couple of months ago, I asked my Amazon security expert friends to tell me which Amazon security camera could be worth the most money today.Amazon security cameras are a bit different from most Amazon security products, which are built for a particular purpose and have a specific niche.“Security cameras are generally not as cheap […]

Facebook, Google, Amazon join the push to make a social security payments service official

A lot of companies are now trying to establish an official digital payments system that can be used to make payments on an individual basis.And the push comes as the government is tightening up on what businesses can do with their personal information, especially with regard to the new tax laws.It’s part of a broader […]

How to be safe on the Internet

What’s it like to be a secure attachment?Security for your files, your data, your life is on the line.With the emergence of ransomware, it’s not uncommon to see the ransomware steal your files or take your information hostage.But what if you’re not on the front lines of the threat, but in the middle of the […]

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