Which is better? SSL or TLS? The pros and cons of TLS/SSL encryption

Security experts have been debating the merits of various technologies for the past several years.There are many competing security models and it’s a difficult subject to assess.In this post, we’ll address some of the more popular options and briefly highlight some of their pros and con.Let’s start by addressing the pros of SSL over TLS: […]

How to get free Equifax security updates and security freeze on your PC and Mac

How to access Equifax’s security updates, which include antivirus and browser updates, on your computer or mobile device.If you need to use Equifax services to access the service, you’ll need to log in to the service using a login and password of your choice. If you don’t have a login or password, you can use one […]

How to buy the best security camera bars for your home

The best security bars are the ones that can stop your attackers before they strike.But there are a lot of choices, and you might be surprised to find one that’s the best for your needs.Here’s a guide to find the best ones for your house.1.Security camera bars have to be installed and activated in the […]

How to protect your kids from home-based hackers

The U.S. has the highest number of child-related deaths in the world, according to the World Health Organization, which cites a report from the Institute of Medicine as the source of the data.That makes home-grown threats a growing concern for Americans, even if most people are unaware of them.But according to a new report from […]

Which security cards can I use with a social security number?

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, the Israeli government has launched a new round of reforms that would require new cards issued to all people over the age of 18.The cards would be issued in Hebrew or English, with the Israeli identity card being the first.The cards would feature a QR code […]

Watch Out for Security Door Stopper! | Security Door Stoppers are on the prowl! | What do you know about security door stoppers? | Are they dangerous? | Who are the guys behind them?

Security Door stoppers are increasingly on the streets of the United States and Europe, but they are a growing threat to homes and businesses alike.They are the kind of security threat that we are afraid of, yet many are not aware of. The biggest problem with the security door stooppers is their deceptive marketing tactics, as […]

What is g4s security bars?

A few months ago, Google was in the news for refusing to install a security bar for its Android operating system.In an interview with Business Insider, Google VP of Security Brad Smith said the decision to make the bar default was made based on a security assessment of the platform, which was conducted by G4s […]

How to make a simple Twitter bot with a basic bot language

FourFourSeconds ago, we wrote about how to build a Twitter bot using Ruby and NodeJS.Today, we’ll take a look at how to add a basic JavaScript and Node.js bot language to your Twitter account.First, a little background on bots: Bots are computer programs that interact with the web in an attempt to achieve certain goals.In […]

Ring security act calls for security to be increased in South Africa

Ring security acts have been passed in South African parliament.The bill was passed by a vote of 222-1 and now needs the approval of the cabinet.It was first introduced in May and was welcomed by opposition parties who argued that the measure was necessary to secure the peace and security of the country.The law is […]

Why your security deposit may be more secure than you think – and how to make sure it’s the right amount for you

It’s the age old question: is my security deposit enough to secure my retirement?It’s a good question, but it can get tricky.We asked our readers to explain their security deposit to us.Here’s what they had to say.Why is it a good idea to have a security deposit?The basic answer is to have one in case […]

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